How to Elevate Your Bedroom with the Perfect Bedside Lockers

How to Elevate Your Bedroom with the Perfect Bedside Lockers

Are you planning on redesigning your bedroom this spring? Bedframe, wardrobe, chest of drawers - the list of furniture you can choose from is extensive: and yet there is one particular item that is often overlooked when searching for the best bedroom furniture. The perfect bedside locker is a small yet significant feature that anchors your bedroom's decor and integrates seamlessly with your bed and overall theme, so explore our guide to choosing the best bedside lockers to complete your room.

Bedside Lockers

Bedside cabinets and nightstands, positioned within arm’s reach of the bed, serve as a convenient storage spot for nighttime essentials, but the value of these pieces goes beyond simply offering storage space. They are an indispensable element in interior design, and the right one will reflect your personal taste and needs, as well as complimenting your bedrooms’ style.

Whether you prefer minimalist designs, vintage inspired pieces, or innovative modern lockers, the ideal bedside table acts as a design anchor, harmonising with the bed and other furnishings to create a cohesive look and a practical setup. Choosing a locker that reflects your personal style and meets functional needs can transform the bedroom into a more organised and relaxed space, so let’s explore our guide to choosing the best style to accommodate your decor and space.


The first step is to assess the amount of space that you have available to play with. Depending upon whether you want a locker on each side of the bed, or just on one, there may be limited space available, so check that it comfortably fits around your current furniture and leaves enough space for you to move around.

You should also think about how much you want the locker to stand out in relation to the furniture in your room and the layout. For example, if you have a large, ornate bed frame, then a small bedside table will become dwarfed in comparison and the scale of the room may look off. Similarly, a large or tall bedside can easily pull focus from the bed, especially if there is not a lot of other furniture to compliment the pairing. Opt for a compact model in smaller rooms to conserve space, or a larger one in spacious bedrooms to make a statement and provide ample storage, and always consider the scale in relation to other furniture pieces to maintain proportionality and avoid overpowering the space.

Once you have decided on the right size to start looking for, measure the available space beside your bed to ensure the locker you choose fits comfortably without overcrowding, and remember to opt for a table that aligns with your mattress top for easy access and a cohesive appearance.


When narrowing down your search to the best materials, it’s important to match them with your bedroom’s overall decor to ensure aesthetic coherence. A smooth, glossy finish can enhance a modern look, while a distressed wood texture suits a rustic or traditional theme, and stone or marble-topped lockers fit well in minimalist spaces. However, if you are looking to tastefully contrast your room’s palette, then this is also easy to do through the use of texture, colour, or shapes, whilst still seamlessly integrating the locker into your bedroom and enhancing your space’s stylistic coherence.

It is also important to note that choosing the right material for a nightstand involves considering more than just the style and appearance of the piece - it also involves thinking about its durability and maintenance requirements. Solid wood is a classic and universally popular choice, and it withstands regular wear and tear but may need routine maintenance, whereas metal or laminate surfaces are easier to clean and less susceptible to damage, so take the time to explore your options and choose a piece that aligns with your lifestyle requirements and bedroom's appearance.


Choosing the perfect bedside cabinet involves finding a piece that complements, rather than exactly matches, the existing furniture in your bedroom, such as the bed, dresser, and other items. The cabinet should contribute to a unified theme without blending in completely, offering a slight contrast to add interest and depth to the space, so focus on creating a balanced ensemble where each piece compliments the others.

Firstly, assess the bedroom’s overall style - modern or traditional, minimalist or eclectic - and select a cabinet that echoes this theme without getting lost in it. One of the best ways to achieve this is by paying attention to details like material and finish and opting for ones that resonate with the room's ambiance but stand out enough to make a statement, or by selecting a cabinet that has an unusual design but is still made out of the same material as the rest of the furniture. Geometric shapes, round lockers, or standalone tables are all a chance to add a focus-pulling feature, and knobs, handles, and pulls, as well as contrasting tops, offer a great chance to add a touch of diversity without compromising the overall design.

By integrating these considerations, this approach ensures a dynamic and visually appealing bedroom setup, where the bedside cabinet acts as both a functional and stylistic element to enrich the overall decor.

Functionality and Convenience

As fundamentally practical features, make sure that the locker you pick is perfect for your storage and space utilisation needs, whilst complementing the overall decor. This includes picking a piece that has the right mix of storage options to help organise your essentials like regardless of the size you opt for. As a general rule, make sure that the surface area is spacious enough to hold a lamp, phone, and other bedside necessities without feeling cluttered, and if you keep a lot of additional possessions near your bed, then assess the interior storage options. These will most likely be drawers, so have a clear idea of how many drawers you will need and how deep they are, but some designs include doors instead, offering more room inside the piece.

Finally, make sure that the locker’s height aligns with your mattress for enhanced ergonomic comfort, and make sure that you set it up close to a charging fixture to allow easy access to light and power without cluttering the space with extra cords and fixtures.

Find the Perfect Bedside Lockers in Our Full Collection

Your bedside locker should not only serve as a functional piece of furniture but also as a canvas for your personal expression, reflecting your preferences to make the bedroom feel unique and personal to you.

If you are ready to start searching for the best bedside lockers to compliment your decor and complete your bedroom redesign, then explore our full collection today or get in touch with our team.


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