Console Tables: The First Impression Your Home Deserves

Console Tables: The First Impression Your Home Deserves

A console table is much more than just a place to toss your keys or store your letters - it is the first item of furniture you interact with when coming home and the last you encounter before leaving the house. They are also the first item of furniture that people see when entering your home, so make sure that you make the best first impression and set the perfect stylistic tone for the rest of your home with our range of console tables.

Console Tables

When strategically placed near your front door or tucked inside the doorways of different rooms in your home, these tables enhance any entryway as a practical and impactful focal point. They are slender, versatile pieces of furniture that are designed to stand against walls as unimposing additions to a room, or to stand out as an impressive first impression for those who visit your home.


Choosing the right table that stands out for your home means finding a piece that adds character and integrates with the space, without compromising on practicality. Positioned in hallways or throughout the home, they serve as stylish staging areas for lamps, books, and art, and storage surfaces for keys and letters, without cluttering up the hallways or entrances. The transformative decorative power of these tables is only effective when it is paired with practical storage solutions, including drawers and integrated baskets, but whatever table you choose, the right one for your home will complete your space and improve your hallways layout. So, let’s take a look at the different styles available to you.

Narrow Console Table


A narrow table is the perfect choice for anyone who is dealing with limited space but still looking to add a table to their smaller hallway or entryway. Perfectly sized to fit snugly into small areas, the sleek design of these tables allows them to accommodate the needs of your household and act as a convenient spot for keys, mail, or decorative items, without getting in your way. Providing structure and interest without overpowering the space, these tables prove that style and practicality can coexist even in the tightest corners, so find your perfect smaller table in our range today.

Long Console Table


If space is not an issue, or you are looking for a more substantial table, then opting for a large or long table will let this table stand out in an area where its impact can be fully appreciated. With a generous surface area, either spread out lengthways or widthways, these tables are perfect for storing and organising items and come with larger drawers and storage options depending upon the type of table you opt for.

The substantial presence of these console tables anchors a room’s aesthetic and stands out as a statement piece, so if you’re looking for an eye-catching table to complete your room, explore our full range today.

Wooden Console Table

Whilst we offer a huge range of materials to choose from, the wooden table remains a timeless addition to any interior that is able to effortlessly blend in with a range of decor styles. Whether crafted in sleek modern lines or bearing rustic, distressed finishes, the natural grains and warm tones of our wooden options offer a bold and inviting centrepiece that enhances its surroundings.


If you are looking for a classic or rustic wooden table, then our range brings warmth and a familiar originality to any room, enriching the space with a sturdy charm that complements the textiles, metals, and colours of a room.

Choosing The Right Table


Inspired by our range and ready to find the perfect table for your home? Whether you’re filling an empty nook or crafting a grand entranceway, the right table will meet your needs and compliment your space, so let’s explore the key factors to consider when choosing the door.

  • Measure Your Space: Your first step should always be to identify the area that you are planning on putting your table in, and measuring this space to make sure that you know which size and type of table to be searching for. This will also make sure that the table you opt for will be able to fit comfortably into your space without obstructing any doors or pathways.
  • Consider the Use: Next, consider the table’s primary role in your home. Will it serve as a decorative piece to showcase art and flowers, or do you need it to be a catch-all in your hallway to store keys? Identifying the table's main purpose will guide you in choosing the right size, style, and features, ensuring it not only fits your space but also suits your day-to-day requirements.
  • Storage Options: If storage is a priority for you, then look for options that come equipped with built-in shelves, drawers, or cabinets. These types of tables provide a discreet place to store away items without installing cabinets or cluttering up the hallway, so if you’re keen to maximise your storage space with a subtle table, make sure you choose one of these options.
  • Decor Alignment: Decide whether you want the table to be a striking focal point that draws attention or a subtle piece that blends seamlessly with the surroundings, depending on your needs and aesthetic preferences. Select materials, textures, and a design that compliments your interior design, whether that is modern or rustic, and settle on a table that brings your room together and contributes to the overall coherence of your decor.

Our Full Range

Whatever your requirements, and whatever aesthetic vision you have for your new table, our full range of console tables is guaranteed to have the best option for you. With enough storage to suit any household, and a variety of styles and designs to complete any redecoration project, our pieces cater to all preferences, so explore our collection today.

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