Doonard, Craughwell, Co. Galway H91 X924

19 Kk Boutique Sleep Superbe 2200 4Ft Mattress




Lead Time: 4 - 6 Weeks

Product Description

5 star+ hotel bed luxury, with a detachable turntable Topper for long life relaxation and 2200 independent pocket springs for body cradling comfort. Stay fresh and relaxed every night on tension free Visco memory foam. With long life shape keeping in the form of strong foam wall encased borders and an all sides reinforced perimeter frame.

  • Sumptuous detachable two-sided box-topper - rotate regularly for long life luxury
  • 2200 independent pocket springs provide body contouring indulgence
  • Highest density Visco Elastic (V85) relieves pressure for tension-free body rest
  • Completed with a highly breathable fabric, comfort fill and vents for airflow
  • Styled, designed and quilted to meet Boutique Hotel (5* plus) specification
  • Mattress height is 36cm
  • Non-flip mattress, but regular rotation essential
  • Please call 091-846056 or email for any enquiries